Title: The Isle of Blood

Author: Rick Yancey

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Publishing Date: September 13, 2011

Plot Synopsis from Goodreads: 

     When Dr. Warthrop goes hunting for the “Holy Grail of Monstrumology” with his eager new assistant, Arkwright, he leaves Will Henry in Victorian New York. Finally, Will can enjoy something that always seemed out of reach: a normal life with a real family. But part of Will can’t let go of Dr. Warthrop, and when Arkwright returns, claiming that the doctor is dead, Will is devastated—and not convinced.

    Determined to discover the truth, Will travels to London, knowing that if he succeeds, he will be plunging into depths of horror worse than anything he has experienced so far. His journey takes him to Socotra, the Isle of Blood, where human beings are used to make nests and blood rains from the sky—and puts Will Henry’s loyalty to the ultimate test.

Book Review

I am a HUGE fan of Rick Yancey’s Monstrumologist series. If you enjoy twisty, turny plotting, unbearable suspense, complex, intriguing characters and good old gothic atmosphere then these are the books for you. I might need to take a vacation day because how am I going to go into work with that book just sitting in my car, alone, unread, and neglected?? 🙂

Just saw some early reviews quoted on Amazon that have me anticipating this book even more:

“The relationship between Will and his master has never been more complex…Yancey’s skill as a stylist cannot be denied.”–Booklist, starred review

“Articulately literary, horrifically grotesque and mind-bendingly complex, Yancey’s trilogy conclusion might be the best of the Monstrumologist trilogy. His 19th-century dialogue and descriptions run even smoother than the previous two titles, and his characters have grown deeply complex. He deftly blurs lines between science and the supernatural, and what results is a long, dark-night-of-the-soul journey for both Will Henry and Pellinore that is certain to turn the hearts and the stomachs of every reader who dares open its pages.”–Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Books Worth Reading:

I don’t see how the 3rd can possibly be BETTER than the first two, and yet the second one was (impossibly enough) better than the first so anything is possible. I. Cannot. Wait.


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